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Built for Her Body... Crafted for Her Support
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HerMattress sleep products have been incorporated into the FloBeds.com product line.

Organic Cotton green mattress EcoWool green mattress Natural Latex

The Green Mattress by FloBeds

organic cotton natural latex mattress

Organic Cotton where it counts most... next to your body. You spend all day in a harsh world. Retreat to a natural bed covered with organic cotton for a true safe haven. Cotton, the original sustainable fabric, grown and processed with out chemicals.
Good for you... Good for the whole world.


Pure Mt. Shasta EcoWool provides natural fiber for maximum air-flow around your body. Wool provides natural wicking away of moisture. Not only sleep cool and dry, but sleep with peace of mind, knowing EcoWool is the the finest natural wool gathered in the most sheep-friendly way. Woolgatherer Carding Mill has searched out the mildest and most environmentally friendly detergent possible for scouring (cleaning) the wool. Today, all of our wool is cleaned with BioSoft Wool Scouring Detergent, which leaves no detectable residue and is biodegradable.
Good for you... Good for the whole world.

natural latex under organic cotton and ecowool

Natural Latex. No petro chemicals. Just natural rubber harvested sustainably from the rubber tree. Conforms to your body naturally. Caressing every curve. Supporting where you need support. The FloBeds Organic Cotton Natural Latex mattress is personalized for your body... and your partner's. Each side can be personalized from soft to extra firm. FloBeds 100% Natural Latex is biodegradable and it is Oekotex Certified
Good for you... Good for the whole world.sustainable pine and birch in foundation


FloBeds foundations are made from wood sustainably harvested from Ponderosa Pine forests in the western United States and Birch Forests in Western Europe.

FloBeds Green Mattresses meet the new Federal Fire Standards (effective July 1, 2007) with out smart packaging = smaller carbon footprintchemicals. We use the natural fire resistant properties of wool to protect you and your loved ones.

Smart Packaging saves on resources. A King Size FloBed mattress and foundation ships via UPS in just 4 small cartons. Save fuel and trees. The FloBeds Factory-Direct-to-You business model further saves fuel and distribution costs. recycle green mattress: latex, woo, cotton


Easy to recycle. Every part of a Green FloBeds Mattress and Foundation is 100% recyclable and biodegradable (Cotton, Wool, Latex and Pine). And if you choose our wood legs, the entire bed is made of natural compostable materials.

FloBeds Green Mattresses: Good for you... Good for the whole world.


Organic Cotton, Natural Latex, Eco Wool MattressE

Not only do we make a mattress out of the best materials in the world...
we make your mattress just for you, and your partner.

balance your days and your nights

Built for Her Body... Crafted for Her Support

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