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Built for Her Body... Crafted for Her Support
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HerMattress sleep products have been incorporated into the FloBeds.com product line.

Smart Packaging

The FloBeds Sleep System comes via UPS ready to place in your room and sleep. Just 8 wing-nuts and a zipper is all the assembly required.

Our Smart Packaging saves natural resources (cardboard/trees and fuel).
The FloBeds Manufacturer-Direct-to-You business model further saves fuel
and lessens your carbon footprint.

FloBeds Mattress and Foundation in 4 Neat Boxes
A FloBeds Mattress & Foundation comes in 4 Cartons with waist high handles.
King 16" x 29" x 39"
Queen 16" x 29" x 33"
(FloBeds Mattress w/o foundation comes in 2 Cartons)

Foundation Sections Slide Out.

Foundations form Box with 1 Latex Core (1 of 4) inside.
3 cartons have foundation sections.

4th Carton has Cover, Comfort Pad and 1 Latex Core

Foundation goes togetyher with 8 wingnuts.

Glide-Legs twist in to pre-mounted bases.

Cover lays out on foundation.
(pull over foundation for ease in placing latex)

Lay out Latex Cores to personalized firmness.

Topper in place.

Lay on top and zip up.

balance your days and your nights

Built for Her Body... Crafted for Her Support

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