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Wool Comforter

SKU: 2151QF     --     Size: Queen, Std/Double


Natural Wool Comforter quilted in 100% Cotton unbleached cover. 86 inch by 86 inch

Natural wool quilted in 100% unbleached cotton. Wool is nature's best bedding fiber, allowing air to circulate while maintaining body temperature. Warm in winter, cool in summer. On a hot summer's night, wool will wick away 1/3 its weight in moisture, helping you sleep cool and dry. The wool comforter is a 205 thread count with 4 lbs of wool batting. (11-1/4 oz / sq yd) The wool is from the midwest , all domestic, USA. It is washed in detergent and rinsed with plain water, air dried - no chemicals are used in the processing.

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Built for Her Body... Crafted for Her Support

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